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    NewSun Toys R&D Center owns a complete line of research and testing equipments to meet international certificate standards like CE/UL/EN-71/EN-62115/ROSH/CADMIUM/Phthalates Free.

    Since the center was established, it has recruited over 40 technical professionals and obtained 70 toy patents (end to Sep. 30, 2011). Besides, the company also develops close cooperation with Xiamen University in research, technology development and extensive personnel training. We should expect an expansion of our research professionals to over 100 in 2012.

    NewSun Toys R&D Center has a keen sense over the turn of the market, focusing on the research, design and development on toy products of plastics and electronic category. We promote the survey on market, clients and end users’ opinions, and continue collecting the latest technologies and trendy information through the participation of toy tradeshow domestically and abroad. Our mission is to bring joy and happiness for kid all over the world, to boost wealth for our company and to better serve the community.

R&D Center

R&D Center

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