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10/01/2014Newsun Toys Attended 2014 HK Toys&Games Fair

    At the beginning of the 2014, NewSun brought its own brands PLAYPLAY and KOKA to attend the once a year largest toy fair – Hong Kong Toy & Games Fair.
    During the 2014HK toys & games fair, PLAYPLAY and KOKA attracted many buyers’ attention and remain hot sell brands for its novel design and safety quality.

Newsun Attended the 114th Canton Fair
NewSun: Focus On 2012 Autumn Canton Fair

28/10/2013Newsun Attended the 114th Canton Fair

    As one of the Chinese toy brand company, NEWSUN attended the114th Canton Fair from October 23-27th.
    Although the merchant number has declined in this fair for the impact of the global economic downturn, but our "DEEX" brand still got good result for its unique design and excellent quality. In the future, we will continue to pay more attention to innovation and customer demand, enhance the well-known of this brand at home and abroad.

12/03/2013NewSun Received “2012 Fujian Famous Product”Title

    Recently, NewSun‘s Toys received “2012 Fujian Famous Product” title from Fujian Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.
    For many years, NewSun has tried to perfect the product system. Currently NewSun sales channel covers the whole China. Receiving this title which is a testament to our outstanding brand recognition and product quality. CEO of NewSun Derek Li stated, “NewSun will continue to focus on brand development, enhance quality management, and improve ability of technology innovation.”

21/02/2013NewSun Identified as “2012 Fujian Famous Trademark”

    Recently, NewSun received “2012 Fujian Famous Trademark” title from Administration For Industry & Commerce of Fujian.
    The honor of Fujian Famous Trademark is regarded by all staff’s efforts and responsibilities;it is going to become a weather vane for better development in the future.

22/01/2013Liaoning PlayPlay Toy Store Will Open Soon

    The city of Haicheng, one of the big city in Liaoning, is the base of food, fruit, farming and sericulture,know as the best place in the Bohai Sea area. The first PlayPlay toy store in Liaoning province will open soon in Wanghe area.
    At the same time in Xiamen, PlayPlay opened its second toy store in Ruijing Commercial Plaza. The DIY series is very hot for its creativity and unique. The business was super crowded on the opening day.
    PlayPlay, as the leading brand of the toys store in China, plan to open 50 stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou in 2013, and expect to reach 200 stores in the next two years.

17/01/2013Newsun Toys Attended 2013 HK Toys & Games Fair

    At the beginning of the 2013, NewSun brought its own brands PLAYPLAY, KOKA and U-R-DOLL to attend the once a year largest toy fair – HongKong Toy & Games Fair.
    During the 2013HK toys & games fair, NewSun’s nice and pinky booth design attracted many buyers’ attention. PLAYPLAY and KOKA remain hot sell brands. U-R-Doll, which is a new brand belong to Newsun toys, is also unique and outstanding.
    CEO of NewSun Derek Li stated, Newsun toys has been through more than ten years, the company is famous for its best quality, service and well-deserved reputation. New year, new concept, NewSun will as always create more value for our customers and partners.

05/11/2012PlayPlay Toy Store received Honorable Award

    On 2012 Beijin International Chain Exhibition, NewSun Toys received “The Most Growth Chain Organization” honorable award from China Alliances Industry Association. During the tradeshow, PlayPlay Toy store ‘s business model attract a large volume of customers and medias. The business concept of PlayPlay Toy store is “Create Value for Customer”, which means providing high quality products, competitive price, professional service and considerable return on investment.
    President of NewSun toys Derek Li stated, “playplay toy store is the first unique early educational type of enterprise in the whole China. This business model will sure open to investors the world’s wealth.”.

23/10/2012NewSun: Focus On 2012 Autumn Canton Fair

    As usual, NewSun brought Deex and newly developed products attended the China Import and Export Fair(Autumn Canton Fair). First time appeared at the brand hall’s center spot, Deex with its distinctive positioning and rich product category remain popular during the trade show.
    President of NewSun Derek Li stated, for over 10 years NewSun Toys won favor from new and old customers by its distinct position with quality products and services. NewSun will follow this tradition and continue to provide better products to customers around the world.

23/10/2012PlayPlay Toy Store Attended Shanghai Toy Show

    To review the Recently PlayPlay, the first toy store under NewSun attended the 3 days Shanghai Toy Show. The uniqueness and creativity of DIY toys had won praise from customers. Some customers even expressed the intention to cooperate.
    Manager of PlayPlay toy store stated that it is expect to open 10 more stores and attract 8 franchisees by the end of this year. Next year, PlayPlay toy store will expand to 200 stores. For anyone interested, please call 400-800-1311.

23/10/2012NewSun Brought Foreign Brands Attend Shanghai Toy Show

    Shanghai Toy Show was hold in shanghai from October 11 to 13th, The nice and brand new booth design of NewSun attract distributors and retailers across the country.
    This time, NewSun had brought its 9 brands to attend the tradeshow. Including Dking, Funfolks, Bamino, Koka, NewSun and three foreign brands - Fehn, Klutz, Bigjigs. DIY series of toys which is under PlayPlay toy store, NewSun’s first toy store was also appear at the show. The unique characteristics of the brand and excellent quality won recognition and appraise from customers. Especially the foreign brands - Fehn, Klutz and Bigjigs, the compact design, high quality materials and perfect treatment had drag attention of professional buyers.
    CEO of NewSun Derek Li stated, the combination of NewSun brand and oversea brands is the co-ordination of the company’s product structure optimization. NewSun will be more professional and continue to the road of the domestic high-end toy market.

10/10/2012NewSun Received “Xiamen Excellent Quality Brand” Title

    Recently, NewSun toys brand received 2012 “Xiamen Excellent Quality Brand” title from Xiamen Municipal Government.
    The assessment was organizing by Xiamen Brand Evaluations Office and evaluates aspects including marketing, quality, profit and development of NewSun and its products. Based from the evaluation, the result also combines the feedback from customer satisfaction survey, product supervision and inspection, quality management to accredit the award.

06/08/2012NewSun Become Xiamen Famous Trademark

    According to the Xiamen Administration For Industry and Commerce’s official website, the brand “NewSun” received Xiamen famous trademark. This trademark will promote company’s brand awareness and make influence to further improve the company’s products.

12/06/2012NewSun First Franchise Toy Shop Expected to Open on September

    After a few months of research, negotiation and preparation, NewSun announce its first franchise toy shop will open on September. The company currently chooses Xiamen as its first model shop’s location and create brand new concept by integrate toy sales, games entertainment and educational experience into one place. NewSun plan to use franchise business model and open hundreds of toy shops in the near 2-3 years.

16/05/2012Dking launched Online Games

    On May 16th, 2012 NewSun’s outdoor sporty toy brand Dking launched 12 flash games on some famous Chinese game platforms, such as: 4399.com and 7k7k.com. The 12 games from the first phase include soccer, basketball, golf, shooting, cheerleader, and daibolo totally 6 sports. By using time limited puzzle, Q&A type of small games, NewSun aims to deliver history, manners, rules and competitive skills of those sports for kids that can play and learn knowledge at the same time. More than 10 new flash games are also coming soon!

28/04/2012NewSun Present Two New Brands on the 111th Canton Fair

    On April Recently, NewSun being as one of the largest toy company in Fujian, appeared on the 111th Canton Fair which held in Guangzhou and presented - PlayPlay, U.R.Doll, and Koka three brands. Among them, U.R.Doll and Koka are the latest brands the company just launched.
    PlayPlay, NewSun’s hot sale brand remains popular due to its high quality material, rich product selection and unique design. New doll series U.R.Doll and car series Koka has hundreds of products for each brand, and the light green fresh feel package plus colorful product line as expected had win everyone’s heart.
    NewSun CEO Derek Li stated, “We care about product safety. NewSun has distribute products worldwide for many years, everyone of our toy goes through strict testing and contain certificate. In the other hand, product innovation and brand diversification is also an important initiative we should take for become internationalization. We sure will continue for new spanning development.”

24/04/2012NewSun Present Foreign Brands on 2012 Guangzhou Int’Toy & Hobby Fair

    On April 8th-10th, NewSun presented hundreds of new products from its animation brand, licensing brand and exclusive foreign brands on 2012 Guangzhou Int’Toy & Hobby Fair.
    Two of NewSun’s animation brand “Dking” and “Fun-Family” remain strong on sales. Two of the Germany brand “BabyFEHN” and “Beeboo”, which NewSun has become its exclusive sales distributor in China had also attract professional buyers from everywhere by its unique design and high-quality material.
    “BabyFEHN” and “Beeboo” are globally well known brands. NewSun CEO Derek Li said, “The combination of our own animation brand and foreign brand is a beneficial complement to the company’s product mix. It is also an important initiative for NewSun to enter the domestic high-end toy market.”

26/03/2012NewSun Launched Its Toy Franchise Business

    On March 25, 2012 NewSun Board of directors decide to launched the franchise business. NewSun Franchise Business Department was announced to establish. As a membership-based service platform, the franchise business department will start from major first-tier cities’ business districts and adopt company-owned/joint venture models gradually expand into surrounding cities.
    Franchise is a commonly use business model in international market, but in China it is still in the initial stage. This kind of model contains the advantage of centralized purchasing, marketing and brand communication. It is good way for maximize the tap to the potential Chinese toy market.

05/03/2012NewSun Established Branch Office in Europe

    On March 2012, NewSun has opened its European branch office in Paris. This is NewSun’s second branch office oversea. The Paris office is NewSun’s key part of strategic expansion to the three largest toy markets in Europe: France, German and UK.” “Oversea branch office is NewSun’s most important step to the world.” said CEO of NewSun Mr. Derek Li, “the establishment of the Paris office allows NewSun to build on the service to existing customers and new business relationships in Europe. In the future, it might also responsible for marketing research and after-sales services.”

14/02/2012NewSun Participated in 2012 Nurnberg Toy Fair

    2012 Nurnberg Toy Fair was held in Germany from February 1 to February 6th. Xiamen NewSun Toys attended and presented hundreds of baby products. Nurnberg Toy Fair is arguably the world’s largest professional toy fair. On this tradeshow, NewSun newly developed baby line, with products from two exclusive brands – 5Star, KosGroup had attracted thousands of visitors.
    Not long ago, NewSun was grant the exclusive European distributorship from 5Star Toy Company and KosGroup. 5Star and KosGroup are two of the influential brands in mainland China. Their rich product lines are specially developed for infant to 3 years old kids. “Europe is our largest export market,” says NewSun CEO Derek Li, “Implement regional brand distribution, will benefit us from optimize product structure, and complementary resources. The outcome will be creating more value-added to customers.”

30/01/2012NewSun Gain Great Achievement From Hong Kong Toy Fair

    Right after China import and export fair, NewSun recently attended Hong Kong Toy Fair with its own brand PlayPlay. On this fair, NewSun presented the latest developed baby products and Christmas toys to the public. With precise positioning, compact design, beautiful packaging and reasonable price, NewSun’s products had definitely attracted thousands of customers from Europe, Middle-east, Southeast Asia to visit the booth. Compare with other exhibitors, PlayPlay no doubt had become the spotlight on the tradeshow. “I am glad to see this” stated CEO of NewSun Derek Li, “this confirms our correct direction to the brand innovation, and staunched our ability and belief on reaching international level.”

16/01/2012NewSun Carried Out Year End 7S Inspection

    To further enhance the management level, to strengthen on-site management, NewSun Toys recently started one week of 7S inspection. During inspection, 7S inspection team had carefully checked the detail of site deployment, require every department heads to pay attention on site management. In addition, inspection team had improved the employments’ understanding of 7S management and raises their awareness. The company decides to organize regular weekly 7S inspection in the future to urge every department strictly implement.

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