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NewSun toy has always been committed to the transformation of toy industry to cultural and creative industry, through the creation of excellent cultural resources and enhance the development of high value-added animation derivatives.


DKING is the sport toy brand which integrates the elementary sport knowledge, skills, and interesting stories into the real toys. It helps the parents to educate and play with children together. And the leading main character DKING is a primary school boy with notable sport talent who represents the optimistic, positive, energetic and love-caring character of Chinese children.

The Play Family

The Play Family series aim at helping children learn in the process of playing. The series are designed according to child’s real life, corresponding to the physiological and psychological development of kids. The “toy+culture” kind of concept help kids grow up in the fun of learning


NewSun Toys brand - Bambino cooperate with internationally well-known early education brand Teletubbies(BBC) developing toys according to 0-3 old infant and children’s different physiological, psychological characteristics and training capabilities. The toys help children to play in the learning of knowledge and understanding surroundings. All products use high quality green raw material, rich color, creative design. They are non-toxic and environmentally safe.


The Mole Frozen Horror

In July 2011 Summer, NewSun Toys granted exclusive license for the movie “The Mole Frozen Horror” developing animation toys for 7-14 years old children. All products are safe, educational and fun to play.

The Mole Frozen Horror

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